T&T Eco is both a UK & European based trading entity with the authority & exclusivity to develop strategic business throughout the EMEA region on behalf of the brands that we represent.

Our products are new to the European market, Innovative, Technology leading & Ecologically advanced - such as Envirofluid's Purasolve & Triple7 Sustainable & Safe Degreasers, Descalers, Deodorisers & Disinfectants or Pro Earth UK’s ProCleanSorb Natural Absorbent, all of which add value, mitigate waste & pollution.

Many of our products are NATO codified – providing reassurance & simplifying their approval & integration.

ALL our products are effective & will enable our customers to immediately improve their Sustainability, Health & Safety & Ecological targets as well as benefit from Total Cost savings”

T&T Eco with over 30 years specialist knowledge & experience in mechanical engineering, maintenance chemicals & lubricants we have worked with companies of all sizes & demands across the Industrial, Rail & Plant & Service sector (OEM, End User to MRO).
The Industrial world may be slowly embracing a reduction in dependency on Hydrocarbons, but Public & Legislative bodies are ever increasing the pressure re: social responsibility, respect for our environment & an increase in accountability for the responsible use & disposal of oils, greases, solvents & fuels in order to better preserve our Ecosystem.
The ongoing use of Hydrocarbons at present remains a necessity for global manufacturing & transportation, however as long as they remain present there is the risk of contamination & pollution if not handled & disposed of correctly.
Industry & Employers too has a responsibility to its workers & all those that come into contact with their products – whether disposing of oil or using cleaning chemicals to remove paints & greases.
OSE II is the Only Approved (Ecologically safe) Bioremediation agent for use on Land, Water & Sea by the UK’s Marine Management Organisation (MMO)

Just in case you wondered about Our Packaging?

Our Plastic containers are 100% Recyclable.

  • 5L, 20L & 200L in Triple7 & Active Eco are made from HDPE material.
  • 25L & 200L Pails & Drums from MAK Chem are made from chemically resistant HDPE material. They too have a double wall ensuring Retention & Protection against punctures, crushing & damage
  • 25L & 200L Pails & 1L Bottles in MAK Chem are made from at least 28% recycled materials.
  • 750ml/1L Spray bottles in Triple7, Active ECO & Purasolve Brands are made from PET material.
  • All brands use a mix of recycled & virgin plastic.

Some interesting insights on the use of recycled material & disposal can be found at:

Our Metallic containers too are 100% Recyclable.

  • Purasolve drums are an industry standard ‘Tinplate' & UN approved
  • MAK Cans are made from virgin (metal) materials.

Please Note: That should oils & other matter contaminate the packaging or product, appropriate disposal measures may need to be taken accordingly.


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