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Equipment in these sectors provide significant challenges due to their very tough operating conditions – high levels of various types of contamination from water, high & low temperatures as well as acids, blood, carbonisation & dust from produce.

MAK Chem, Active Eco & Triple7 have NSF A1 as well as K1 registered products for safe use in the food & beverage industry. All T&T Eco’s Branded products that pass NSF International’s stringent review process are listed in the NSF White Book™, the global sourcebook manufacturers, processors & inspectors rely on to determine product acceptability.





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ActiveEco & Triple7 range of sanitisers & cleaners replace a wide range of dangerous chemicals currently in common use.

From Odour control & Sanitising to Metal & Floor Surface Cleaning, our products offer low risk options without a sacrifice in performance.

T&T Eco is proud that much of our Triple7 & ActiveEco range have achieved Food Safe Certification from HACCP due to their natural formulations.





Related Products

AE ActiResist


<p>ActiveEco ActiResist is a high-tech multi-actioncleaner and degreaser developed for removing pindan, tough soil and grease build-ups on metal, oxidised paint and masonry surfaces.</p>



<p>The new 2020 FloodSax&reg; alternative sandbag is bigger, even<br /> easier to take to the scene of a flood or water leak and more environmentally-friendly than ever before. Brilliant at holding back floodwater from homes and businesses and ideal for soaking up leaks and spills inside.</p>

MAK Belt Protek


<p>A synthetic rubber compound for cold repairs to conveyor belts.<br /> <br /> A solution that allows you to quickly return equipment back into service within one hour. It is designed to repair a wide range of damaged rubber surfaces by keeping the same original physical characteristics of flexibility, adhesion and load resistance of the conveyor belt. Suitable for any conveyor belt made of natural rubber.</p>



<h4><strong>FOOD/INDUSTRIAL DEGREASER/CLEANER (NSF K1)</strong></h4> <p>It is used in all operations and types ofmaintenance including food processing plants. It contains no hazardous substances such as Ketones &amp; N-Hexanes and is NSF K1 registered. MAK Cleanex is also certified according to IEC 156 and can therefore be used for cleaning electrical equipment that is not susceptible to solvents such as cleaning electric motors without disturbing the insulating varnish.</p>



<p>MAK MAX prevents the formation of greasy and oily deposits, breaking the bonds between dirt and grease molecules. The resulting substances are converted into a chemical emulsion which is completely removed by wiping or rinsing.</p>



<p><strong>EXTRA HEAVY DUTY DEGREASER (NSF A1)</strong></p> <p>MAK REX is a water-based detergent that will also clean &amp; remove machining fluids and greases as well as being suitable for dissolving impurities on metallurgical material, preparing surfaces for painting &amp; disinfecting surfaces to kill viruses &amp; bacteria.</p>



<p>An excellent and effective degreaser that evaporates very quickly &amp; is NSF K1 registered. It does not corrode or contain any toxic substances, but due to its special formulation is completely safe for metal, galvanised surfaces and plastic parts. An odourless product it is ideal for use in washing tables.</p>

MICRODEX LXT NITRILE - Cut Level A Safety Glove


<p>TG1240 is a high performing 15gg cut level A glove with a high tenacity nylon liner and a palm dipped MicroDex Ultra coating, providing excellent grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.</p>

MICRODEX LXT NITRILE - Cut Level B Safety Glove


<p><strong>TG3240</strong> is an extremely dexterous 15gg cut level B glove featuring Life Extending Technology (LXT) and a palm dipped MicroDex Ultra coating, ensuring excellent grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.</p>

MICRODEX LXT NITRILE - Cut Level C Safety Glove


<p><strong>TG5240</strong> is a cut level C glove with a luxurious 15gg liner, perfect for high cut risk tasks that require dexterity and grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.</p>

MICRODEX LXT NITRILE - Cut Level E Safety Glove


<p>Conforming to cut level E under the new EN388:2016 standard, TG6240 has unrivalled levels of dexterity and comfort and is designed to last for long periods of time.</p>

OSE II - Oil Spill Eater II


<p>Oil Spill Eater II (OSE II) is the world&rsquo;s most environmentally safe and cost effective bioremediation process for the mitigation of hazardous waste, spills and contamination virtually anywhere of any size, large or small.</p>


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