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Mining Maintenance

T&T Eco products are suitable for use in a range of mining & quarry equipment. The wide variety of products ensures that there are cleaning & maintenance solutions for even the toughest & most demanding of applications. Downtime is not an option in the mining sector & equipment reliability a priority!

T&T Eco’s maintenance solutions ensure that hard working mining equipment is not only efficiently & safely cleaned but also protected from damaging rust & corrosion.

To work best, one needs to reduce risk & overcome dangers.

Safe chemistries are always good news & that’s what Envirofluid’s Triple 7 & Purasolve Range provides with solutions for cleaning oil & greasy waste.

Since the fluid composition is unique, they do not form an emulsion with grease & oils. It works to lift & release them at the surface enabling easy removal & complete oil water separation.  

The benefits include:

  • savings on waste costs.
  • enables re-use of the water on site as a dust suppressant.
  • savings on water procurement costs.

The hydrocarbon level that is satisfactory for re using water as a dust suppressant is 15ppm (parts per million), however, our customers are achieving hydrocarbon levels as low as 0.75ppm!  An almost perfect separation!

Please refer to our Degreasing solutions & our Cleaning Equipment.


Cost Effective, Worksafe Solutions for Mining, Oil & Gas

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AE ActiCrete – Concrete Remover


<p>ActiveEco ActiCrete is an advance in the chemistry of removing concrete &amp; grout residues from mixing &amp; transportation equipment. Highly effective as a heavy duty concrete cleaner &amp; concrete remover, &amp; can also be used for cleaning tools &amp; equipment. Ideal for removing group smear &amp; concrete splashes from tiles &amp; walls.</p> <ul style="margin-left:20px"> <li>Readily biodegradable &amp; phosphate free</li> <li>Will not burn skin &amp; non fuming</li> <li>Waste water compatible in most areas</li> <li>Non-dangerous</li> </ul>

AE ActiResist


<p>ActiveEco ActiResist is a high-tech multi-actioncleaner and degreaser developed for removing pindan, tough soil and grease build-ups on metal, oxidised paint and masonry surfaces.</p>

AE Concrete Wash


<p><strong>ActiveEco Concrete Wash</strong> is a deep penetrating cleaner specifically formulated to safely remove a variety of organic &amp; non-organic soiling including mildew, rust stains, mineral deposits, calcification, grease &amp; dirt from all masonry surfaces. It buffs the surface making it the perfect choice of cleaner before applying a surface sealer.<br /> Safety: Corrosive Pack Size: 5Lt, 15Lt</p>



<p>The new 2020 FloodSax&reg; alternative sandbag is bigger, even<br /> easier to take to the scene of a flood or water leak and more environmentally-friendly than ever before. Brilliant at holding back floodwater from homes and businesses and ideal for soaking up leaks and spills inside.</p>

MAK Belt Protek


<p>A synthetic rubber compound for cold repairs to conveyor belts.<br /> <br /> A solution that allows you to quickly return equipment back into service within one hour. It is designed to repair a wide range of damaged rubber surfaces by keeping the same original physical characteristics of flexibility, adhesion and load resistance of the conveyor belt. Suitable for any conveyor belt made of natural rubber.</p>



<p>DESCALER &amp; RESTORATION FLUID</p> <p>An extremely effective &amp; cost efficient acid based cleaner designed to remove calcium deposits, limescale, concrete and cement spatters from all acid-resistant surfaces.Very economical in use &ndash; can be mixed with water for most applications, does not change its characteristics, even under temperature variations and works quickly. At a dilution of 1:5 &amp; above it perfectly breaks the bond between the surface and calcium or lime scale deposits on ceramic tiles or other sanitary products. Due to its surfactant composition it reduces the time required to remove mortar, cement and grout residues.</p>



<p>PAINT/GRAFFITI REMOVER</p> <p>A professional aerosol product designed for removing old and unwanted paint on non-absorbant materials. Perfectly removes graffiti on buildings, traffic signs and painted surfaces.</p>



<p>MULTI-PURPOSE DEGREASER/CLEANER</p> <p>MAK FOX leaves no residue, is completely biodegradable as well as water-dilutable to 1:100 mix ratio. An excellent product for the transition to industry 4.0 as totally safe for operators, the environment and all delicate surfaces and fabrics. It also has impressive wetting capabilities that make it suitable for every industry, hotels, hospitals, schools, airports, shopping malls &amp; offices etc.</p>



<p>MAK MAX prevents the formation of greasy and oily deposits, breaking the bonds between dirt and grease molecules. The resulting substances are converted into a chemical emulsion which is completely removed by wiping or rinsing.</p>



<p><strong>EXTRA HEAVY DUTY DEGREASER (NSF A1)</strong></p> <p>MAK REX is a water-based detergent that will also clean &amp; remove machining fluids and greases as well as being suitable for dissolving impurities on metallurgical material, preparing surfaces for painting &amp; disinfecting surfaces to kill viruses &amp; bacteria.</p>



<p>An excellent and effective degreaser that evaporates very quickly &amp; is NSF K1 registered. It does not corrode or contain any toxic substances, but due to its special formulation is completely safe for metal, galvanised surfaces and plastic parts. An odourless product it is ideal for use in washing tables.</p>



<p>A powerful non-flammable solvent degreaser aerosol for workshops, car repair and maintenance departments. MAK SUPEREX is a multi-purpose solvent and cleaning agent which evaporates extremely quickly &amp; leaves no residue after use &ndash;<br /> the surface is totally clean &amp; dry.</p>


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