Oil Spill Cleaning Solutions



Unlike most surfactants currently used in the petroleum industry, our plant-based surfactants & solvents break down organic contaminants, increase oil well production, break oil/water emulsions & remediate petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents & heavy metals.

Oil Spill CLEAN-UP
Triple7 BioConcentrate is an ideal cleaner & marine degreaser for oil spills & oil (hydrocarbon)
based soiling on all types of natural & man-made surfaces
including; decks, ship’s side, piers, wharfs, & response vehicles
It can be used effectively with a wide range of oil spills including mineral oils, crude oil, heavy oil, residual fuels, diesel, kerosene, white spirits & lubricant.

Oil Spill Eater (OSE II) is the world's most environmentally safe & cost-effective bioremediation
product, for the mitigation of hazardous waste, spills & contamination.

  • OSE II is an environmentally safe clean-up method because it uses nature's own bioremediation process to effectively eliminate hazardous materials.
  • OSE II is not a bacteria, fertiliser or dispersant product, it too does not contain any non-indigenous organisms, it contains nutrients which attract indigenous bacteria & speeds up the remediation process.

Oil & Chemical SPILL KITS:
Pro-Earth’s application specific kits incorporating their patented (Peat fibre based) Bio-degradable, ProCleanSorb – available as loose product or incorporated into a range of booms, mats & pads that effectively absorbs all spills, from oils & chemicals to fuels & paint.


OSE II is the Only Approved (Ecologically safe) Bioremediation agent for use on Land, Water & Sea by the UK’s Marine Management Organisation (MMO)

So what is a Natural
Bioremediation Process?


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The only listed product for oil herding surface cleaning on australian waters

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T7 - EcoScale Plus


<p><strong>Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus</strong>&nbsp;is a unique and highly concentrated limescale and calcium remover designed to meet the challenges of the Mining, Oil and Gas Industry.&nbsp; The highly concentrated formulation of naturally derived acids and bio based surfactants provides maximum limescale removal performance without corrosion damage to valuable equipment.</p> <p><strong>Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus</strong>&nbsp;has been formulated with worksafety in mind, offering powerful limescale removal performance without introducing dangerous acids into the workplace. Unlike other limescale removers<strong>&nbsp;Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus</strong>&nbsp;requires no PPE, contains no toxic or dangerous ingredients and can be disposed of without risk of environmental damage.</p>

T7 - Enviroclear


<p><strong>Triple7 EnviroClear&nbsp;</strong>is a completely non-toxic, fast acting organic solution for septic tank and odour control treatment. &nbsp;It removes grease and fat deposits, improves drainage, assists solids breakdown and restores system efficiency.</p> <p><strong><a class="btn btn-light" href="https://tandteco.com/products/triple7-enviroclear#desc"><span style="color:#3e8124;">Read More.... </span></a></strong></p>

T7 - Iodosan


<p><strong>Triple7</strong>&nbsp;<strong>Iodosan</strong>&nbsp;is a broad spectrum, detergent disinfectant effective against a wide range of bacteria &amp; organisms,</p>


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