Safer chemicals for the whole transport industry.
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Designed to be highly effective & versatile, our range of chemicals for the transport industry remove the risks associated with toxic & dangerous chemicals. Whether it’s at sea, on land or in the sky, you’re guaranteed to benefit from the efficient & powerful cleaning capabilities of T&T Eco products.

Please see below for products & case studies relevant to the transport industry.

 A Couple of examples include :  

A powerful aerosol cleaning solution for extremely dirty surfaces. Perfect for cleaning engines, carbon
from carburettors, electric motors, wheel pins on buses, grabs and truck fifth wheels.

Cleaning of large engines, carbon from the roof of railway carriages, windscreen & headlamp
contamination for fleets, transportation repair shops.

Vehicle Refuelling & Petrol Station Forecourt – Spill hazards
Vehicle Refuelling & Petrol Station Forecourt – Spill hazards:

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Floodsax is Approved to be used for Flood Control in construction sites & in all London Underground (LU) Premises

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Related Products

MICRODEX LXT NITRILE - Cut Level A Safety Glove


<p>TG1240 is a high performing 15gg cut level A glove with a high tenacity nylon liner and a palm dipped MicroDex Ultra coating, providing excellent grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.</p>

MICRODEX LXT NITRILE - Cut Level B Safety Glove


<p><strong>TG3240</strong> is an extremely dexterous 15gg cut level B glove featuring Life Extending Technology (LXT) and a palm dipped MicroDex Ultra coating, ensuring excellent grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.</p>

MICRODEX LXT NITRILE - Cut Level C Safety Glove


<p><strong>TG5240</strong> is a cut level C glove with a luxurious 15gg liner, perfect for high cut risk tasks that require dexterity and grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.</p>

MICRODEX LXT NITRILE - Cut Level E Safety Glove


<p>Conforming to cut level E under the new EN388:2016 standard, TG6240 has unrivalled levels of dexterity and comfort and is designed to last for long periods of time.</p>

OSE II - Oil Spill Eater II


<p>Oil Spill Eater II (OSE II) is the world&rsquo;s most environmentally safe and cost effective bioremediation process for the mitigation of hazardous waste, spills and contamination virtually anywhere of any size, large or small.</p>

PE EcoMats


<p><strong><a class="btn btn-light" href=""><span style="color:#3e8124;">Read More.... </span></a></strong></p>

PE ProCleanSorb


<p><strong>LF-2KG - Medium Resealable Bags 2Kg</strong></p> <p><strong>LF-5KG -&nbsp;Large Bag Loose Fill 4.5Kg</strong></p> <p><strong>LF-30KGC -&nbsp;X Large Comp. Bags 30Kg</strong></p> <hr /> <p><strong>ProCleanSorb - the main difference</strong><br /> All of the ProEarth products are based on <strong>ProCleanSorb</strong> either in loose form or wrapped in a porous geotextile.<br /> Used for containment &amp; absorption, these products are designed to be fast &amp; easy to deploy on land, so oil &amp; chemical spills are contained &amp; absorbed quickly &amp; efficiently.</p> <p><strong>Socks, Mats &amp; Booms</strong> can both also be used in high-risk areas to prevent pollution. <strong>ProCleanSorb</strong> is hydrophobic making our products ideal for applications on or with water. Robust geotextiles are also used in manufacture so products last longer.</p>

PE Spill Kits


<p>Ultimate Protection for the environment with ProEarth ProClean Sorb Spill Kits. Kits contain &amp; absorb all spills, including oils, chemicals, fuels &amp; paint. No need for multiple spill solutions.</p> <p>Our <strong>25 litre vehicle spill kit</strong> contains everything you need to clear up spills of oils or chemicals. Kit includes 2kg bag of loose product an EcoSock, wipes, disposal bag &amp; PPE.</p>

PS Bitumen Remover


<p>Purasolve Bitumen Remover is an easy to apply, safe solvent specially formulated to break down and remove bitumen.</p>

PS Brake Cleaner


<p>Purasolve Brake Cleaner is an ultra-safe, residue-free cleaning solvent for brakes and other technical applications developed to replace highly toxic &amp; explosive brake cleaners.</p>

PS CGA Remover


<p>Extreme performance without the risks. Purasolve CGA is a safe, sustainable and effective substitute for dangerous solvents. It is great for the removal of carbon,gum and adhesive from equipment.</p>

PS EverSafe


<p>Purasolve EverSafe Atomiser &ndash; 750mL Aluminium Sprayer with Adjustable Nozzle. Purasolve Eversafe is a rechargeable aerosol spray system capable of atomising a wide range of chemicals and solvents.</p>


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