Safer chemicals for the whole transport industry.
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Designed to be highly effective & versatile, our range of chemicals for the transport industry remove the risks associated with toxic & dangerous chemicals. Whether it’s at sea, on land or in the sky, you’re guaranteed to benefit from the efficient & powerful cleaning capabilities of T&T Eco products.

Please see below for products & case studies relevant to the transport industry.

 A Couple of examples include :  

A powerful aerosol cleaning solution for extremely dirty surfaces. Perfect for cleaning engines, carbon
from carburettors, electric motors, wheel pins on buses, grabs and truck fifth wheels.

Cleaning of large engines, carbon from the roof of railway carriages, windscreen & headlamp
contamination for fleets, transportation repair shops.

Vehicle Refuelling & Petrol Station Forecourt – Spill hazards
Vehicle Refuelling & Petrol Station Forecourt – Spill hazards:

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Floodsax is Approved to be used for Flood Control in construction sites & in all London Underground (LU) Premises

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Related Products

PS Paint Equipment Cleaner


<p>Purasolve Paint Equipment Cleaner is a unique but powerful cleaning compound, that replaces MEK, Toluene blends, Acetone, Xylene and other dangerous solvents for resin and paint equipment clean-up.</p>

PS Part Washer PS6


<p>Purasolve Parts Washer (PS6)</p> <p>SKU: PS6PW</p> <p>NSN 4940-66-164-5877</p> <p>Our PS6 is a Heavy duty Parts Washer Cleaning System that increases safety &amp; reduces through-life costs through a unique recycling system. A versatile recycling solvent cleaning station - Ideal for heavy maintenance &amp; MRO applications in transport, mining, defence, construction equipment servicing as well as other <strong>Industrial</strong> cleaning applications.</p> <p><strong>The Standard Features of the Purasolve Parts Washer PS6 include:</strong></p> <ul style="margin-top:20px;margin-left:20px"> <li>Flexible Stay-Put metal flush hose for directable hands-free flushing action</li> <li><strong>Hand held brush attachment</strong> for detailed cleaning applications</li> <li>Parts soaking area beside sloped work shelf</li> <li>Small parts soaking, cleaning and draining basket</li> <li>Sludge collector basket with dual-element foam filter provides initial sludge removal</li> <li><strong>Dual micro-filtration unit- that polishes solvent removing particles to less than 1 micron.</strong></li> <li>Sturdy steel tank construction</li> <li>Hammer-tone powder-coat finish for durability and long-life</li> <li>Bottom drain plug convenient for fluid change-outs</li> <li>Fusible safety link closes lid in event of fire</li> <li><strong>Powerful 30 LPM centrifugal column pump</strong></li> <li>Removable sloped work shelf for parts cleaning above fluid or soaking in solvent tank</li> <li>Integrated external drain shelf drains solution to tank and reduces drying time</li> </ul>

PS PowerFill


<p>The Purasolve Power-Fill Station can be used to automatically fill Purasolve EverSafe dispensers without the need to disassemble the sprayer. The Power-Fill station delivers a standardised amount of chemical to the sprayer with each refill along with the required amount of compressed air.</p>

PS Precision Cleaner


<p>Purasolve Precision Cleaner is a non-explosive, low hazard electrical contact cleaner and residue free safety solvent for precision electrical contact cleaning applications. Purasolve Precision Cleaner is a non-conductive, safe solvent developed to replace explosive solvents for residue free electrical contact cleaning.</p>

PS ProBrake QE – Brake Cleaner


<h5>Ultra-Safe Brake Cleaner.</h5> <ul style="margin-left:20px"> <li>High-Performance Safety Solvent</li> <li>Residue Free Finish</li> <li>Better for Health, Safety &amp; the Environment</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Purasolve ProBrake QE</strong> is a residue free cleaning solvent for brakes &amp; other technical applications.</p> <p>The low odour cleaner was developed to further increase user safety &amp; comfort by replacing highly toxic brake cleaners.</p>

PS Rotary Part Washer


<p>The Purasolve Rotary Parts Washers are ideal for cleaning parts quickly and efficiently without the need for dangerous solvents. The units were designed with ease of use, power savings, time savings, and overall cost effectiveness in mind.<br /> <br /> The fully enclosed cleaning process includes a rotating basket with high pressure jets of cleaning fluid to efficiently clean parts without wasting production time.</p>

PS Rotary Part Washer Detergent Powder


<p>PS Rotary Parts Washer Detergent is a heavy-duty cleaning powder designed for use in Purasolve Rotary Parts Washers. Designed to help organisations to reduce the need for costly compliance requirements to regulations regarding emissions, disposal &amp; work health &amp; safety.</p>



<p>The TG1900 is a&nbsp;<b>Cut Level A Safety Glove</b>&nbsp;made from recycled water bottles reclaimed from the beaches &amp; oceans, with one bottle used per pair. This glove is also fully biodegradable, proving to be a much more environmentally friendly option.</p> <ul style="margin-left:20px"> <li>Uses rPET yarn - reducing pollution &amp; protecting the environment.</li> <li>38.78% biodegradable in 60 days (EN5511)</li> <li>Skin friendly &amp; Oeko-tex approved</li> <li>Second skin feel - incredibly soft &amp; comfortable due to the cotton content in the liner</li> <li>Hot contact resistant to 100<sup>o</sup>c</li> </ul>

T7 - All Purpose Degreaser


<p><strong>Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser</strong>&nbsp;is ideal for use in heavy industry, automotive and service applications, workshops, and garages.</p>

T7 - Dust Suppression Plus


<p><strong>Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus</strong>&nbsp;is a bio-based chemical developed as a cost effective, plant based dust suppressant agent.&nbsp; It provides long-term dust control with a single application. It is designed to become &lsquo;sticky&rsquo; clinging to the dust particles for an increased time period in all weather and traffic conditions.</p>

T7 - Glass Shine


<p><strong>Triple7 Glass Shine</strong>&nbsp;is a high performance, bio-based glass and mirror cleaning solution that leaves surfaces clean and polished without using toxic chemicals.</p> <p><strong><a class="btn btn-light" href=""><span style="color:#3e8124;">Read More.... </span></a></strong></p>

T7 - Metal Shine


<p><strong>NSN 7930-66-156-0358 &ndash; 5Ltr Bottle</strong></p> <p><strong>Triple7 Metal Shine</strong>&nbsp;is a non-toxic and non-corrosive solution that is used to clean and brighten metal surfaces.&nbsp;&nbsp;This high performance solution does not oxide the metal surface. The product inhibits rust and corrosion and does not leave a gummy film.</p>


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