BenchGuard® Anti-Slip Mats

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Absorbs spills as well as preventing movement. It too would be suitable for use in combination with BenchGuard® Sheets & Rolls. Roll: 84cm x 30.5m. Provides 5L per Sq./m absorbency

Anti-Slip Disposable Absorbent Floor Mat - Benchguard

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Anti-Slip Mats - Once wet, capillary action on the orange side of the mat will hold the mat in place, preventing movement & helping to prevent slips. This capillary action also means the mat can be thrown down on to an already wet floor - it will start to absorb & ‘suck the water up’. Once used, the mat can be safely incinerated.

Features & Benefits
  • Available in Orange/White on a Roll of 84cm x 30.5m
  • Provides 5L per Sq./m absorbency
  • Pre-cut mat sizes are available on request
  • Cost effective
  • Can be used for many applications
  • Easy to replace when needed


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