PE Absorbent Mats & Booms


ProCleanSorb - the main difference
All of the ProEarth products are based on ProCleanSorb either in loose form or wrapped in a porous geotextile.
Used for containment & absorption, these products are designed to be fast & easy to deploy on land, so oil & chemical spills are contained & absorbed quickly & efficiently.

Socks, Mats & Booms can both also be used in high-risk areas to prevent pollution. ProCleanSorb is hydrophobic making our products ideal for applications on or with water. Robust geotextiles are also used in manufacture so products last longer.

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NEW Eco Mats! - Allows a Quick Response to Spills.

  • Place EcoMat on any hydrocarbon or chemical spill for rapid absorption    
  • Ideal for use with generators, mobile plant, refuelling stations. Simply stand your equipment on EcoMat to safeguard against pollution
  • DRAIN COVER - Perfect for protecting the drainage system. Positioned over drains, EcoMat allows water to pass through, while capturing metals & contaminants 

Applications & Benefits

  • It absorbs both hydrocarbons & chemicals
  • It absorbs bio-degradable oil which is also a contaminant
  • It adsorbs heavy metals
  • It is scientifically proven to be non-leaching
  • It is totally natural & sustainable
  • It is hydrophobic
  • It is more effective
  • It is better value


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