PE ProCleanSorb


LF-2KG - Medium Resealable Bags 2Kg

LF-5KG - Large Bag Loose Fill 4.5Kg

LF-30KGC - X Large Comp. Bags 30Kg

ProCleanSorb - the main difference
All of the ProEarth products are based on ProCleanSorb either in loose form or wrapped in a porous geotextile.
Used for containment & absorption, these products are designed to be fast & easy to deploy on land, so oil & chemical spills are contained & absorbed quickly & efficiently.

Socks, Mats & Booms can both also be used in high-risk areas to prevent pollution. ProCleanSorb is hydrophobic making our products ideal for applications on or with water. Robust geotextiles are also used in manufacture so products last longer.


Distinctly stands apart from clay products as soon as it is handled & compared to other options.
Making a quick judgment based only upon price (by means of a weight or volume comparison) is missing the point, besides it being an efficient & sustainable, ecological product it significantly outperforms other options & will save you money in use through to disposal.
Without trialling & experiencing PCS users may not fully believe or appreciate the differences & there are many:

  • True Absorbent - ProCleanSorb absorbs almost all hydrocarbons, chemicals & their vapours
  • Non-Leaching - It encapsulates contaminants within its molecular structure & will not leach them into the environment, even under pressure.
  • Biodegrades Toxins - ProCleanSorb provides a haven for naturally occurring microbes that breakdown & recycle hydrocarbons & chemicals until they become less or non-toxic.
  • Heavy Metals - ProCleanSorb adsorbs heavy metals, including the big five - copper, chromium, lead, nickel & zinc.
  • Hydrophobic - ProCleanSorb doesn't absorb water.
  • Cleans Water - Contaminated water can be filtered through ProCleanSorb to remove hydrocarbons, chemicals & heavy metals.
  • Safe to Use - ProCleanSorb is safe to handle in its natural state.
  • Makes Flammable Liquids Safer - ProCleanSorb absorbs fumes, useful for clearing up small spills of flammable liquids.
  • Versatile – It can be used equally effectively on land or in water.
  • Variety - We use ProCleanSorb to make many different products (mats, socks, booms..) for spill clear up, prevention of contamination & to treat wastewater.


  • 1Kg of ProCleanSorb will absorb 6 Litres of oil base or chemical products.
  • Customers will require 20 times less ProCleanSorb than clay granules to clear the same size of spill
  • Used ProCleanSorb will weigh up to 5 times less than traditional spill products. PCS can be reused (or rather further used) until it has reached its absorbent limit, making it fully cost effective & sustainable
  • PCS will absorb all contaminant from a surface leaving it clean & dry to the touch. It too doesn’t drip or leach & (being hydrophobic) can be used in the rain or wet conditions – unlike Clay products!

Applications & Benefits

  • It absorbs both hydrocarbons & chemicals
  • It absorbs bio-degradable oil which is also a contaminant
  • It adsorbs heavy metals
  • It is scientifically proven to be non-leaching
  • It is totally natural & sustainable
  • It is hydrophobic
  • It is more effective
  • It is better value


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