T7 - BioConcentrate


Triple7 BioConcentrate is a powerful, safe and effective oil spill clean up product and marine degreaser designed and listed for Australian marine environments.

This product offers a highly effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional oil spill dispersants.


Triple7 BioConcentrate can be used effectively with a wide range of oil spills including mineral oils, crude oil, heavy oil, residual fuels, diesel, kerosene, white spirits & lubricants.

Oil Herding Open Ocean & Uncontained Environments

In open-ocean & uncontained bodies of water T7 BioConcentrate can be applied as a spray from surface vessels or aircraft in a similar way to a dispersant. When applied to the centre of the spill the product causes oil to rapidly herd outwards into thin bands, which are then further broken up by wind & wave action.

Oil Herding In Shore

When a spill is contained by structures and/or booms T7 BioConcentrate can be applied directly to the oil slick within. Once applied the agent forces the oil to rapidly migrate in an outwards direction where it collects against the booms. In this application the product actually concentrates the oil spill into a smaller surface area where it can be more effectively collected and/or burnt. If burning is used to dispose of the oil T7 BioConcentrate will not affect the burn efficiency.

The oil can be captured with the use of lipophilic booms (high or low density polyethylene), oil/ water phase separation systems (fabric, flood, filtration or centrifugal) or other oil collection systems.

Surface Cleaning

A Surface Cleaning Agent (SCA) is a product which, when applied to oil on shorelines or other firm surfaces facilitates the removal of the oil by natural processes or clean-up activities.

In this type of application T7 BioConcentrate functions like a ‘quick break’ degreaser by rapidly lifting oil soiling from surfaces without forming a permanent emulsion. The product may be applied as a broad spectrum spray, metered into the oil body or boom applied by saturating with the T7 BioConcentrate solution on hydrophobic booms (or more simply use in conjunction with our Pro Earth hydrophobic booms/socks which already readily absorb all hydrocarbons that touch them)

Shelf Life & Stockpiling

T7 Bio Concentrate has a shelf life of 10 years. The recommended volume of T7 BioConcentrate that should be kept on standby is at least 1% of the volume of the largest potential oil spill.

Applications & Benefits

  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Listed
  • Suitable for Australian Oil Spills
  • Alternative to Traditional Oil Spill Dispersants
  • Powerful Oil Separation Action
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous
  • Will Not Harm Environment or Marine Life
  • Effective on Crude Oil and other Heavy Oils
  • Effective on Fuel and Light Oil Spills
  • Non-Corrosive and Safe for all Man-Made and Natural Surfaces
  • Bio Based and Readily Biodegradable
  • Cost Effective


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